Psychedelic funk jams while cruising the ocean— this is summer life. Today’s #100songsofsummer is “When I’m Gone” by Musi-O-Tunya. I don’t know much about Musi -O-Tunya except that they’re from Zambia and their afrobeat/fuzz-rock sound really hits the spot. This tune was released by @nowagain. Full track up on the #Bfresh aoundcloud.

Is it too early to call the song of the summer? If I had my pick right now it would be “Can’t Be Without You” by @caribou (extended version tho for realz). Maybe the rest of the #100songsofsummer will be this song over and over. Game, set, match. Caribou wins.
Full tracks up on our soundcloud.

Today’s #100songsofsummer comes from Berkeley producer @yallsmusic. This ones called “Finally” and had some delicious hooks that combine elements of retro funk and dope beatmaking. This track is up on Soundcloud, but you can also check out Y’all’s band camp for full discography. Many thanks to @wineandbowties for sharing this tune on their Soundcloud.